All artwork provided by Cameron Gray

We're excited to come to you live and in real time!


Live Podcast

Our show is mobile and can be recorded live at a variety of events. We can schedule our own guests to appear and do a standard show or we can tailor a unique episode experience to perfectly fit your event.


Do you enjoy hearing our take on things? Do you enjoy hearing what our guests have to say? We can come speak at your event on a variety of topics you might hear on the show. We can also coordinate with some of our guests to bring them along.

Ever Evolving

We are ALWAYS looking for ways to expand our tribe and connect. If you have other ideas or something going on you'd like us to be a part of we'd love to hear it! The greatest joy for us is finding and expanding our tribe!


One of the most exciting things we LOVE to do is do live episodes and interactions at music, transformational, and art fests. These are always one-of-a-kind and phenomenal. Is there an event near you that you feel we might be a good fit for? Let us know!