All artwork provided by Cameron Gray

We are nothing without our Tribe. You are our tribe and we are strong together. We can manifest any dream when we combine our talents. We have so many dreams to manifest and you can help!



We would love to expand into film projects. We have so many ideas on ways to contribute to consciousness with social experiments, educational videos, documentaries, and exploring our collective and individual spiritual journeys through the art of film.


There are TONS of fantastic festivals happening around the country and world. We would love to help these become and remain successful. We are expanding to live show recordings and exploring spirituality through music and congregation. We are also looking to start permanent micro-fests all over!

The Network

We want to be a portal for the tribe to reach other members. Podcasting can have a barrier to entry. One needs a fair amount of equipment and an ongoing source of material. We want to help spread your ideas and words without those requirements. We can help get your episode or series out to the tribe.


There are many opportunities for written art. How magical would it be to help our children, young adults, and ourselves expand our imaginations through the written word. Writers and artists can come together to light budding souls on fire with the passion for manifestation.